Nearly everyone loves going to the casino. Many people visit the casino because they cannot imagine leaving it anytime. The casino is a great escape from their everyday lives, but it doesn’t thrill them. Video slots are trendy in casinos. This is an excellent way to experience it if you’ve never tried it.

Video slots are accessible to all regardless of how many times you’ve played in a casino. Video slots are a popular choice for people who first visit casinos. It is easy to see why people love to play it. Although many slot machines look the same, there are subtle differences between them regarding how they work and how much they pay.

You can play video slots from the comfort of your home. Video slots are easily accessible online due to their popularity. It’s almost like playing at a casino. Unfortunately, these video slots can lead you to believe you won’t be paid. This is false. If you visit the right websites, you can make many playing video slots.

Online casinos allow you to play whenever and wherever you want. This is something you should take into consideration and appreciate. It should be easy to log in, play, and then close the browser to end your session. This option allows you to stop playing as often, which is why it’s so appealing.

Top Spot Slot

Barcrest has a range of noughts-and-crosses or XOX games, each with a slightly different theme and unique features. Top Spot is not the newest or the most innovative of these options but has been a popular choice for years in land-based casinos. It will now be available as a desktop and mobile-compatible online slot.

If it runs like the other frolics in the series, expect bets to range from 0.10 Credits to ‘big bets’ of 10 credits and super big bets” of 20 credits. The bet values are not yet confirmed. If the game runs the identical as the others in the series, expect the stakes will vary from 0.10 credits to “big bets” of 10 credits to “super big bets” of 20 credits. The larger wagers increase game RTP if you bet more – this could be critical to your strategy if you play for a long time!

This game differs slightly from the other titles in the XOX Series by only offering a choice of 10x active pay lines. However, it adds a gambling feature and the Top Slot symbol that gives the game its title and is critical to winning this classic-style slot.

Theme and Gameplay

It may not look as spectacular as some modern 3D animated video slots, but it is easy to read and play. You don’t have to press the pay-table buttons every few minutes constantly.

There are no surprises in the reel symbols – only noughts and crosses, bars, 7s, and Wild Sevens. The Wild Seven can only be accessed in the ‘big bet or super big bet wagering mode’ where you are playing five consecutive spins at a higher fixed value.

The top slot eliminates the scatters and multipliers of its sister game in favor of a unique extra win feature. Each win activates the spinning horizontal reel in the top left corner of the game. If the symbol that spins matches the existing winning combination, all other characters will be changed to the same icon.

The traditional card game is also worth mentioning. Pick black/red or higher/lower, and double your winnings. If you get it immoral, all your previous wins will be lost. The novelty is that you can disable the gamble in advance so that it doesn’t appear automatically every time you win.

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Barcrest has upwards of five XOX slots, each with a unique combination of features and bet lines. This means that if you enjoy pub-style slot games, there will likely be a combination for you. Given the popularity of such slots in the UK, We expect this slot game will be viral on UK online sites.