Ladies, lords and wenches, squires and squires rejoice! This online slot machine by Microgaming invites you to the king’s banquet. Even the village idiot has been requested!

This 5-reel game features 20 paylines. It gives parties plenty of chances to win their crown jewels. This theme puts a humorous spin on medieval times by mixing court royalty and, err, junk food.

Unchain Your Chainmail to Make Space for This Feast

Yes, that’s right. This banquet will not be suitable for spinners watching their weight. The game has a glut of junk food symbols, such as ice cream cones and deep-fried chicken. Is anyone else feeling hungry?

These symbols, which lack nutritional value and are the least valuable in terms of prizes, are also the most common. In order of importance, the most useful features of the feast were (in value) the mailbox, the horse, the mailman in shining armor, and the princess from the Castle. Chain Mail is the most lucrative icon of the game. If you get 5 of these stamps, you’ll win 6000x your bet.

Gambling Glory

Although set in feudal medieval times, this game is relatively easy to play. You only need to decide how much you want to bet before each turn. You can do this by selecting how many lines of the 20 you want to play. (You can view the paylines more detail by clicking the “View payout” link.)By clicking “Select Coins,” you can select how many coins are bet per active line. (Up to five total per line). You can also change the coin size by adjusting the (+) and (-) options. Coin sizes are available from 0.01 up to 0.50.

Spinners can wager from as little as 0.01 coins as a minimum bet up to 50.00 coins as a maximum, with many options in between. Will you nibble at the bounty or go all in for gambling glory?

Sneak to the top of the Castle.

Chain Mail has a wild icon that will replace all symbols except the two scatters. This icon is the bag of mail-scattering cards. This means that if three or more of these icons appear on the reels, it will be a winning spin, regardless of whether they are arranged on a payline.

The second scattering symbol has a much greater appeal. The image is a large “B” with a bridge picture. What does this letter mean? Bonus? Of course! You can play the Castle Bonus if you find three scatters anywhere on reels 1, 3, and 5. It would help if you climbed the castle turrets in this bonus game by opening the doors on each floor. The goal is to reach the top and collect bonus credits. If you open a Princess Roxy door, you will receive all the credits available for that floor. You will be sent back to where you started if you open the door of the tyrannical Uncle Mordred. However, you will be able to keep it.

A Silly Old Slot Game

This game’s colorful design and cartoonish symbols are very appealing to the eyes. The game is, therefore, quite saccharine and childish, just like its edible icons. It will still appeal to those who want something other than a severe adventure-based slot machine.

Sound effects that are more engaging help improve the game’s quality.

Before the slot goes cold, tuck in!

This slot machine is sure to provide thrills for slot machine fans who are tired and bored of historically severe games. With its 20 paylines, this game is an excellent choice for those who enjoy their spins paying out little and often. The bonus game is less lucrative in the industry. This slot machine is also lacking in free spins or a gambling game. You may not be able to enjoy all the wins before it goes cold. If you want to play the Chain Mail slot machine for real money, head to Royal Panda Casino.

Chavin’s Large Slots

This novelty-themed 3-reel slot machine from Microgaming features a 1-pay line and a novelty theme. The comical theme of Chavin’ It Large revolves around the British chav – a fabled subset of society immortalized in TV shows like Shameless and Little Britain.

This intentionally garish game is filled with bling, trackies, and Reebok Classics. If you spin this AWP-style slot machine correctly, there is a 100x payout. The “Chavistocracy Bonus Round” offers enormous benefits, up to 500x wins.

The Story of the Chav

The chav is a symbol of modern British culture. Adidas tracksuits and Reebok trainers make up the basic garb for your average chav. Professional chavs may also have an ASBO or some other illegal substance and a pair of hooped earrings large enough to fit a Chihuahua through.

The media gives chavs a lousy reputation. They are often depicted as uneducated, poor, and without any fashion sense. However, there is no fire without smoke, and the chav is a part of every British town. Truthfully, Britain would not be Britain without chavs!

Chavin’ it Large, a tribute to the chav culture, is designed with a Burberry patchwork game screen. All the symbols are essential adornments of any proud scally. They include golden rings, Burberry Baseball Caps, and Reebok Classics in various colors, including poverty pink, benefit scrounger blue, and gold giro check. The aesthetics of this game are bold, but that is part of being a chav!

Spin Your Way Off the Dole

The game Chavin’ It Large allows players to stake between 0.10 and 10.00 credits per spin, hoping to win a multiplier prize when certain symbols align on the horizontal payline. The paytables below show all the possible wins.

Chavistocracy Bonus

Despite the stereotype of chavs as lazy and dossers, some chavs have managed to rise above their social status and achieve fame and wealth – often after winning big on a slot machine. The side game of the slot machine can help players reach the same wealth as the “Chavistocracy.” This is activated by spinning three rows of Reebok Trainer symbols. After the game is activated, the screen changes to show a Queen Chav in the best tracksuit money can buy, along with her Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

The goal of the game can be described as simple. The total bet multipliers are displayed on a white limo in front of a grand home. They range from 25x up to 500x.To activate a multiplier, all punters need to do is press the stop button. That’s it.

Could you give it a Nudge?

The gameplay of this 3-reel machine is more complex than it appears. The game is based on the classic AWP games you would find in a British pub. The slot also has some extra features, such as the hold and nudge buttons, which are randomly awarded. This means that players have to think a little more about each spin.

A Different Class

Microgaming’s Chavin’ it Large is a 3-reel machine that offers AWP-style features and bonus rounds. The game is easy to learn, so it’s perfect for retro spinners looking for something more than simple spins and fruit machine symbols.